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Educational children’s app rated 5/5 stars

The rates this app 5/5 stars in all four categories: Quality, Ease of Use, Value, and Functionality. Read it for yourself here.

And So To Bed is a bedtime routine app for children

Are your evenings sometimes a little rushed and not as tranquil as you would like? This app might be just the thing you need. I have designed it to help you teach your children a bedtime routine. It will hopefully make your evenings a little bit calmer. And to make this experience really enjoyable, I hand-crafted the sets for this app from cardboard and paper so this app has a really natural look and feel.

Using repetition and visualisation to learn a bedtime routine

Repetition helps children remember the steps in their bedtime routine. Let your child play through a series of real life bedtime tasks with this app, then watch them take pride in their newfound independence! Encouraging these kind of life skills from an early age is an easy way to make the bedtime ritual smoother for everyone. Kids feel proud of their new skills and parents can hang back a bit, there is no need to stress!

The idea for this app comes from the world of sports: successful sportspeople visualise their technique even when they are not training. And So To Bed works on the same principle. Children repeat and visualise their bedtime routine with this game.

An app made from scratch out of cardboard and paper

As a graphic designer and illustrator (and as a mum!) I found that children benefit from experiencing different materials. With that in mind I set out to combine cardboard and digital to introduce an interactive world with a hand-made feel to children, and crafted the sets of this app from cardboard and paper.

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