Your child’s task

Cat is tired. Someone has to put her to bed! Let your children take an active role in this bedtime routine. Watch them play whilst memorising the steps of a bedtime routine, again and again.

App features

  • Interactive educational app to help with your child’s bedtime routine
  • Encourages independence and maturity through role play
  • Over 10 tasks in 6 different scenes including kitchen, bathroom, book, dream
  • Sets hand-crafted from cardboard and paper to enhance your child’s creativity
  • Specially composed soundtrack of 20 beautiful tracks
  • Free of advertising and in-app purchases
  • Current languages: English, Chinese, Spanish and German
CAT’S HOUSE. Explore three rooms: kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The game leads through this cute cardboard house with specific tasks in every room.
THINKING BUBBLES LEAD THROUGH THE GAME. Even small children will understand how to keep Cat happy.
ONE THING AT A TIME. The app focusses on a calm and consistent delivery of a bedtime routine. Start the bedtime routine in the kitchen feeding Cat a glass of milk. Make sure he scrubs up in the bathroom, dashes to the loo and washes his hands afterwards. Ok, all done? Time for a goodnight story in bed! And as a reward Cat will have a wonderful dream at the end of the game.